Drone Pilot, Videographer, Photographer & Editor.


Based in Belgrave, Melbourne, Australia.




My service methodology begins in consultation with you and can be as detailed as brain storming the right idea, exploring the right space, acquiring the right talent and shooting that special piece using a combination of the latest Sony & Dji equipment.

In the consultation the goal is to outline the project scope with details about the who, when, what, where, how whilst also considering the macro and environmental factors of your brand and business.



Whether it is in the air or on the ground, I got you covered with an arsenal of tricks. expertise and knowledge about low impact video production while packing a punch for producing stunning visuals for any project.



I never wanted to become a photographer it was just something that I did on the weekend for years as a creative outlet but the universe had other plans, it turns out I have a special gift with the craft allowing me to capture the engaging moments.

Post Production editing

Here comes the fun part! The editing. Some daunt this part of the process as it can be tedious at times but I love it. I am very fond of the idea that with the abundance of tools and resources available in the modern age, creative capabilities have never been higher and that you are only limited by your imagination and knowledge.


Pre Production

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Shooting with me

I like to offer the opportunity to work with a brief detailing all of the shots required to service you with your particular project.

I am also happy to take creative control where necessary.

Things to consider prior to booking,

Who is involved?

When would the ideal time to shoot be?

What are you trying to achieve?

Where will this operation take place?

How are we going to go about getting the desired result?

This will allow us to help create a brief so then we can bring this project to life.



When thinking about making a video there are many technical factors to consider but before any of that comes into play I suggest working on a storyboard so the message can come through clearly.

This can be broken down into a shooting list with basic sketches with notes.

This can also be an assembly of mood boards and or references list for aesthetics and creative vibe.

Questions about lighting, angles, flow and special props will be easier to answer after we establish what is important to the project and who we are connecting with.



When discussing options to shoot video in Melbourne weather plays a big role so having some flexibility location up your sleeves is crucial if shoot dates are sensitive.

If the location is indoors is always recommended to have a pre inspection to evaluate lighting conditions and test sound echoing for buildings.

This gives the team a chance to evaluate the situation and discuss options to best tackle a environmental situation so there are less surprises. In many cases this will be a short upfront cost to a major gain in quality and understanding of the project.

This is also side benefit which gives an opportunity for the director and any shooters to mentally plan the best shots and assess if any special equipment is required to get the job done right.


Choosing the team

This may be the most crucial when putting together more complex jobs as everyone everyone has their own styles and understandings of a scope.

As someone who has worked in the industry for a few years now I can safely recognize someone who I am going to be able to work with effectively and I also have a short list of referred partners for specialties.

This may include extra camera operators, sound recordists, lighting designers, costume designers, makeup artists, stylists, audio engineers, animators and the list goes on.


Safety & Planning

It is important to outline any parameters of safety and accessibility of the operation is key to moving to the next stage about making a booking. This may include a pre physical site inspection and or a google maps observational analysis.

For RPAS bookings this will also include a pre flight check to see if permits are required to undertake this operation.

This is common if operating in the City of Melbourne and National Parks. In some cases the airspace might be restricted due to fire alerts and other emergency where air traffic is to be postponed for the safety of the community. This is all updated on the current CASA approved application. (OpenSky)













Editing Services


Video Editing

Working remotely or onsite I fuse a uniquely creative approach with refined technical skills to collect and deliver assembled projects using the Adobe Suite.

These can be broken down into various stages using predominantly Adobe Premier Pro. Heavier animations will be done with the power of Adobe After Effects.

The editing can be sometimes a rough cut or polishing up an unfinished working assignment that needs another pair of eyes and or ears. For the best results tho it’s all about being involved and looking over the footage thoroughly to know what you have up your sleeve.


Photo Editing

The world of photo editing can be broken down into many facets.

At one end it can be a very simple colour correction.

This can then be advanced into some spot healing of minor imperfections and sometimes specific object removal to polish up the image making it look more professional.

Minors healing could be dust on cloths for a fashion shoot, skin retouching on a models.
More major object removals where people need to be removed or an object is distracting.

This can also be reversed meaning objects can be also added creative more engaging visuals.

This can flow move into a stylized look afterwards where some brands or personal aesthetics come into play. This will be usually done with a LUT (colour look up table) keeping the branding colours and tones consistent through out an online portfolio.


Self 1

It all started when I purchased my first Sony mirror-less camera and later traveled overseas to work with a start-up learning how to operate image capturing technologies, including drones.

On returning home I was gifted an opportunity to direct and produce my first freelance project. From the response & the positive feedback I received, It inspired to explore this new path.

Having studied an array of design elements such as conceptual, visual and graphic, partnered with a business background in entrepreneurship & innovation it was only natural that I evolved into the universal designer I am today.

In my current situation I hold a CASA Certified RePL and I am working towards developing my arsenal tricks and techniques so I love to tackle new projects which help me grow as professional.

Licence No: 1042904

ABN: 69250146851



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